Friday, April 22, 2005

Jogging The Mind

I'm blogging to jog my mind. To get my brain out of its lull. Just went to the clinic. First time there, so the doc doesn't know me. I usually know if I'm falling sick. And I've been getting these signals since Wednesday afternoon. These are the signals of an impending flu. Which needs to be tackled fast. Must unclog nose, because blocked nose blocks moisture from throat, which leads to sore throat/infection, which brings fever and cough. And running nose, which I just abhor.

And that's why I told the doc. An impending flu. He checked, and concurred. :P Makes their job easier if they would just listen. Got my pack of non-sleep-inducing medication and praying hard I won't get a full blown flu. Anyway, I think I have to cancel all my outings from now till next week. Just in case.

Received a rather strange message this morning. Asking me to call the old photography shop near my campus. Must be because they have pictures of me left there I think. Why else would they want to contact me? It has been four years since I last went there. Guess I'll call them later in the evening. Mystery of the day.

The last time I was there, I remembered Catherine accompanying me there. That was perhaps the last time we spent time together, after our graduation, waiting for a photography session. I still remember the very young Catherine, during outr first year. We met during one of those boring bureaucratic processing wait in the main hall of the university. I didn't know her then, but I knew she was from the same school I spent 2 weeks in before enrolling to uni. Time flies, she is now settled in her new home down south, near where we used to study. As for me, I'm still fleeting in and out, stumbling my way through.

Two wedding announcements past couple of weeks. The first one from an ex-housemate now residing in Penang. It will be in December he said. I told him I'm not sure if I would be around. He was a gem of a housemate. Always the one quietly keeping things together. It didn't help his cause that I was an obnoxious brat sometimes. I used to sleep all over the place, including in his room. Yes, I was quite a pain. I hogged the CD player, playing Sun Yan Zi to death (I didn't have one and my laptop CD drive was getting cranky). I mocked him about his friend who became our housemate who we all hated to the core. I used to wake him up at 2 a.m. because I wanted company for very late dinner. Sometimes I forget to eat you see. He used to try to knock some sense in me when I was utterly out of depth, with schoolwork and women :P. Ah yes, he always felt that my harem list is downright sleazy. He used to translate Chinese lyrics for me and explain them to me. He always found it amusing that I almost never wash my own clothes. I preferred the laundromat. He entertained my whims when I suddenly wanted to drive 25 kilometres to get nasi lemak and cheap beer. Well, actually, most housemates of mine entertained my antics, come to think of it. Deep down that macho exterior, he is a warm and caring friend. He is only 27 this year. His soon to be wife is a cute bundle of energy. Dimunitive and loavable. Hmm, have to get him something. Maybe I'll drop by Penang one of these days.

The second one is from Jess. Someone I knew towards the end of my uni days. A classmate actually. But being the snob that I was, I didn't care to get to know her. Till one day, when I needed a group to do some projects with. Well, my good friend and her ex-roommate helped me out by arranging us in the same group although I wasn't in class for a whole week when the semester started (yes I can be quite irresponsible). Jess was always the popular one, tall, attractive, friendly. And that's how it started. 3 semesters worth of friendship. From someone I ignored, to someone I respect and am comfortable with. I was never too keen on the popular crowd. But she sure proved herself to be a great friend. And I'm glad she feels the same way too. She was one of the top students, who proved to be an effecient team member as well. Together with another top student (our classmate who gets orgasm out of financial models), her housemate and myself, we had a ball with our projects. I did the selling part, ie. fielding questions and convincing our lecturers and classmates. Jess once confessed that before we were introduced, she was rather intimidated by me. I was always this unsmiling character, that always seemed to be in a rush, not having time to entertain the coursemates. And that image of being ice cold and assertive. And she never knew I spoke Mandarin. The wedding dinner will be a small one, in June. Only close friends and relatives. Again, I couldn't say yes. But I promised I'll meet her before she flies off to Sweden in August.

Anyway, Jess and Werner :) Wish you joy and happiness, and everlasting love (I'm trying hard not to be cynical my dears :P You know me well enough). All the best to you and your respective partner. Cheers!

Next blog post will be about weddings and why Resurrected is such a control freak.


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