Tuesday, November 01, 2005

On Halloween Day

I suspect some important choices will be laid down on my table, again. I love confusion. It makes me all panicky inside while giving the impression that everything is under control. Well truly, most things are under control. Those that cannot be controlled, who cares?

I had a good run over the week. Some fruitful discussions on the future. Looking forward to getting news soon. And on a trailblazing roller-coaster ride it should be, as soon as I know the variables.

Ah life such joy.

I've been a lazy boy. The weather is nicer now, so there is no more excuses on why I cannot get my lazy butt of the chair/bed and go workout. Yes, I need to get fitter. I do not want a repeat debacle like my last hiking trip. I was overambitious and overextended myself.

Days here are a bit strange. It gets dark by 6 p.m.. Arizona does not practice day light saving. I'm still 15 hours behind home.

Innocence is charming. The inquisitive, and earnest approach. Much more refreshing then guarded optimism. But as we found out, it isn't always nice and dandy. Sometimes it helps being a bit more conscious of one's limits.

It's Halloween today. But no adventures tonight, there is a project to complete! Onwards to situational analysis!


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