Saturday, December 31, 2005

Boring Night

Gah! Stuck on campus. Was supposed to fly out at 5.30 p.m. to San Fran today but changed it to tomorrow morning instead. Was supposed to run some errands, ie. mail things off and go to the bank, hence the delay. But guess what? The campus mail office was closed! And so was the cafeteria. Hungry me dragged myself to the strip mall area a mile away, did my banking, had a late lunch, shopped a little and walked a mile back. Well, at least I dealt with the banking errand.

Oh and there was a stupid dog that barked and chased me around. It was small luckily and not too brave. People should keep their dogs leashed. This is the sort of things that make dogs have a bad name. Owners must be responsible for their pets. I never let my dog out (when I had one) without a leash.

So I took a nap instead since I don't have to run my mailing errands and wrap things and print things. Lazy me. Yes, very lazy.

In my new room now. Moving rooms within the campus is such a pain without a car. I walked so much the past few days. I like the large desk in my new room. More working space, no more hunting for tables at the library. But the bed is smaller though...not that I erm, had any use of the large bed in my old room :P

And I walked nearly 2 miles to my friend's apartment only to find the rent cheque she wanted me to pick up has been sent to the office by her roommate!

My legs. My overworked legs. Can't wait for Yvonne to be back with her car :P

Hmm, should I lug my 6 pounds laptop to San Fran...I can watch a DVD on my flight...and have net access in San Fran? Oh well, we'll see.


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