Friday, November 04, 2005

Thursday's A Relief

I forgot my headphones again. I need rhythm to get my statistical work going. I'm now bored and listless. But the good news is I got my lazy butt out of the room and am now trying to do some semblance of work in the library. Maybe I should head over to the Commons, there I can play some music on my notebook. But it's cozier here in te library.

Was a glutton today. Food for dinner was really good. Or maybe my tastebuds have been distorted by the sometimes horrible food in the Commons. I have learnt to shovel the food into my mouth and chew without thinking. Yes, my survival instincts have kicked in.

This is the problem with not owning a car, or not even a vehicle to get around. The nearest eating places are a mile away, and walking there in the dark isn't exactly a good idea.

So I jump at opportunities like the exec dinner they have occasionally. It is held for execs that come here for short courses who may want to meet young professionals from a specific region. It's a great opportunity to exchange views on cultural and business issues with experienced professionals. This evening we discussed the ROI of a MBA, Italian corporate culture, value chain in an IT service company, difference between working in Asia and the US, merits of internal and external hiring, quality of professors here in school, declining enrolment of foreign students in the US, are all innovations technology based,.....

Well, it's fun. And food! Yes, I am pathetic. Sue me. I had Singaporean fried vermicelli, dim sum and other types of Asian food. Yum.

Ah yes, it's Thursday night again. A night when I usually say : Bring it on, baby!
I usually plan to work through the weekend, catching up on my reading and projects.

Of course more often than not, I usually fall flat on my face. But that does not matter. My excuse, it's the journey that counts.

And oh I got an unexpected A from my favorite (yes I am learning to spell the way they do here) subject. Yippee. That's after the debacle in my area of expertise of course.

And I didn't get the job. :(

Adios folks. I better get started on my work :D Free beer tonight apparently for Beer Club members.


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