Friday, August 11, 2006

Year of Weddings

It's like wedding season ever since I decided to leave home. Let's see:

1 ex-schoolmate one year older, December.
1 ex-schoolmate same age
1 friend, not sure about her age but mid-20s
2 undergraduate friends, both a year older, one male (ex-housemate), the other female

1 ex-schoolmate same age, early this year. Used to be a cry baby when we were very young.
1 undergraduate friend, one year older. Roomate for 3 years. This November
1 undergraduate friend, one year older. Sweet girl. End of this year
1 undergraduate friend, same age, close friend of mine. Gonna miss her wedding this November. Sorry OL!
1 undergraduate friend, same age, debate teammate, not unexpected. Congratulations!
1 ex-colleague, probably end of this year
Cousin, one year older
Assortment of a few ex-schoolmates and friends either younger or same age getting married...I've lost count. Can see the change of status and pictures on good ol' Friendster.

I am sure I missed out some from the above list. Too many to keep track of. Ah, all the missed weddings and missed opportunities to meet people I haven't met for ages.

I don't know about you, but I think I may end up having more married friends than single ones soon if this trend continues. Why do I feel so 'young'? I mean, I am so not ready for anything like a marriage. I salute all of you brave souls.

As for me, I am avoiding all this for a long, long while.

I am not dissing marriages. I respect those who choose to get married, and wish them all the happiness. But when it comes to my personal opinion, I am not too sure if we are all being conditioned to believe that is it only natural to get have a partner, get married, have 2.5 babies, a nice SUV and a double storey home in a good neighbourhood, shop at the hypermart for groceries enough for to feed some starving refugee somewhere in the world for one month, water the blooming flowers on the frontyard, engage in bonsai pruning, walk the German shepherd, work for your next promotion, and all nice things surburbia brings into life. Gosh I can't see myself doing all that. I am sorry, I really can't. I tried. I mean, I even try tried driving a respectable sedan fit for a family of four and lots of luggage, for a while. It was nice and comfy but I still tried to pretend it was a fast old retro racer by trying to overtake the rest of the respectable sedans on the road.

I have dreams. I like living in a flexible, mobile way. I think I may just be too selfish for marriage.


At August 11, 2006 11:45 pm, Blogger Amberlee said...

I hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog, since we've never met and all. I just found this entry to be interesting. I don't think by not wanting to give up your free as bird mind-set for marriage that makes you selfish.

Before my 14 month relationship ended just over a week ago, every time my b/f and I spoke about marriage I always told him: " don't be surprised if even in 10 years we're still not married, I'd rather be with you forever if every night I knew you came home to me because you chose to, not because you felt obligated to"

Marriage isn't for everyone, that doesn't mean you can't have meaningful, lasting relationships with people.
Just a thought-



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