Sunday, September 23, 2007

Who Am I Today?

Perhaps some of them are right. Perhaps I am really a different person from 3-4 years ago. Or even just 2 years ago. I am looking at myself right now and I can't really recognise what these changes are as I may have just missed observing the evolution.

Have I changed that much? Do I still want to change the world? Am I getting boring and so much less reckless? Have I built too many constraints, reining myself into a set lifestyle and decisions?

Guiding principles, have they shifted?

I don't know. I don't feel as young anymore. I feel I have more responsibilities than ever before. The wings refuse to be clipped. But the mind is overpowering and wants some form of stability. For the sake of the heart, the mind says. The soul remains locked in a safe place, unaware.

Who am I? I am a son who has a bad temper and does not know how to show love to his parents. I am a friend who would stand by you regardless, but the problem is I never forcefully tell you if your decisions are detrimental to you. I let you fall, and I would help picking you up. I am a love who is ungrateful and callous. Yet I try very hard to make things work. Is that really that bad? I have a job I love but it is the people that counts, just like when I have no regrets going to the US rather than the UK. But is it really what I want to do for a long time to come?

Like it or not, somehow I reached another crossroad. A bit too soon for my own comfort. Then again, life never waits.


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