Monday, November 21, 2011

And the year closes pretty soon

It has been a while. Life's trajectory has taken off since August in a major lift-off, workwise. The search for fulfillment continues, outside of work. I am lucky, I settled pretty quickly into the new role and doing what I enjoy yet again. Next year promises to be a year of action and offensive play. This was an unplanned opportunity. Guess that's why they call it opportunity. I weighed my option between 2 (well staying was an option, but I killed it rather quickly. The response/counter offer is not worth the data it used on text) and decided to take the path of service, one last time perhaps.

The wanderlust reined in, for now, ever casting a shadow of flight to possibilities and adventure. But let's see what this unexpected turn of events take me.

I am truly blessed all round. And perhaps my spiritual side needs to be fed somehow amidst my logic, mind and confidence. Doing more good is another thing which needs to be upped substantially. For mind and heart to be at peace - instead of a collision of aims and dreams.

What's next? I have no idea. But for now I should figure out what kind of holiday I should have at year end!

On another note, why is it so hard to find connection in this small city?


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