Friday, July 09, 2004

Accidental Calls

I accidentally gave a call to someone I wasn't suppose to call. And I didn't even know about it. :P I was sure she thought it was something real important when she saw my name flashing on the screen. I am not supposed to be contacting her for a while until she does, that's the agreement. The things in my pocket must have pressed against her speed dial. So she called my office phone to ask. And I said, "No, I didn't call" and put down the phone. Then I checked my phone. Yup, her number was dialed but it was an accident! So I sheepishly called her and told her so.

Lessons learnt from this :

1. Delete her name from the speed dial, for now, till we are
on talking terms again soon
2. Remember to lock the keypad. This wasnÂ’t the first time. I
think it was the second time with her :P


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