Thursday, July 29, 2004

A Day Off

Spent the day MACEE for quick chat, they wanted to know if I can speak English :P Its part of the application process. Then had lunch with Zyen. After which I went on a wild goose chase for this specific pair of shoes, which took me from 1Utama (with a stopover at Ikano for more books :P at 10% discount, thanks to my Popular Card) to KLCC to Alpha Angle. I found the exact colour and design I wanted, with my size. And its not even an expensive pair of shoes :P Goodness, I must be neurotic.

'sigh' The things I do.

On another note to the Thai Boxing Girl : Are you gonna watch "The Beautiful Boxer"? :P

Speaking of movies, I haven't watched Kill Bill Vol.2, :( and I don't think I'll have the chance to, the time at TGV KLCC and GSC MV not right for me. Ah well, looking forward to I,Robot and House of Flying Daggers.

Back to work tomorrow. And more work during the weekend and the next week. It's gonna be crazy looking at it.

And oh, my PC is back. Only a minor repair job.


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