Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Lunch break

I have had it with people who writes 31st as 31th !!!!!!

:P Getting cranky and hungry. Me want Burger King's French something Burger. But here no Burger King. I should stop eating burgers because I look like one.

Should be a good boy and eat cheap chap fan. I should stop spending so much on food. It is plain wasteful because we only need nutrients, but we weaklings want taste. Weak humans, weak. Hmm, should join forces with the Borgs. They are more efficient. And no human weakness, the excesses and inefficiencies that plague us.

I need more Star Trek movies. No new ones coming up? Picard is sexy. About the only man I would think so. I have a thing for highly cerebral men and women. Yes, even if they are wearing heavy rimmed glasses, crouched over a lab table in their white coats. I find smart women intriguing. Even more so if she is successful, in her thirties and drive a BMW 3 series. I want to know what makes them tick.

I love work. Its the punishment I inflict upon myself for all the sins I have committed. Work to your death! And when I work long hours, I need not deal with the mess of human relationships. No one will call me for dinners or drinks, because they know I work. No one will ask me out on weekends because I work. No one that matters will meet me when I work. When that happens, I have no expectations of them. Which is good, they can't disappoint me. Sad to say, I'm just another weak human. I do need you.

I better stop. I'm writing nonsense.


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