Monday, July 26, 2004

11 Reasons Why Resurrected Can(not) Date Abby

He can count, sometimes. And there's always the calculator that is always with him (boring accounting person)

He has tonnes of books and magazine not read but he is still buying. They share the same passion for hoarding. Perhaps they can leave some at each other's place before they get more bookshelves. Convenient when running out of space.

He is very used to waiting. He has been well-trained by other females, who may or may not be better at Math. Usually, he drives around the block again and again to keep himself entertained. So far, he has never been stopped by security guards or neighbourhood patrols or police officers for this. Sometimes he gets stared at, and that's the cue to use another street.

Marx who? What's wrong with Richard Marx anyway? :P He can pretend to enjoy such movies. Sitting in the dark cinema is one of his favourite activities. And he thinks Virginie Ledoyen is a real hot babe. Especially when she speaks a language he can't comprehend. To him, all he hears is "Come to me, make my day".

He hasn't got much money to begin with. She can help ensure he closes all his bank accounts and thus help another soul out of the capitalist clutch. He can then join a monastery or a mission.

He needa Englisho lessona. He spelt Massachusetts wrongly while filling up an important application form. And he loves "teachers". And wouldn't mind free books. But that doesn't mean he will read the books.

He does not eat tortoises. And a pet owner has untold powers on him. Just threaten to carry a furry little thing to his hands, and he will obey her wishes so that she won't do that.

He found that quote amusing. And he thinks that's the real reason why people join the army. Proven in Iraq. He may join the army too. He finds men and women in uniform intriguing.

She need not worry about needing space. She'll get plenty of space because he plays the disappearing act often. Once, he disappeared from this girl during the World Cup 2002 Final and she hasn't heard from him since (or was it the other way round?). And he has what his ex terms as "your harem" to keep him entertained, so she need not feel guilty about shutting him out. The supply is dwindling though, and he needs to replenish.

He adores women that are taller (assuming she is taller,Abby does look taller than him). He has to look up to them constantly and therefore, is worshipping them. Taller women adore him for other reasons. Women in general adore him for the same reasons.

He is the farce.



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