Friday, August 13, 2004


It's Friday :)! God, I made it. Just another 9 hours to go, and I'll be home free. Probably try to watch I,Robot or do some shopping in
bookstores. There's this second hand bookstore near here which I go to every fortnight or so. It's not big, but I did find some gems. That reminds me, I need cash, gotta run to the ATM after work :P

A friend said there is something wrong with me because I don't really like babies. Well, I can't stand the idea of me holding something so fragile. And I certainly can't stand the crying, drooling and uncontrolled bowel movement. Yeah, yeah, you are gonna say I was like that too. But that's besides the point. My parents (and many other parents) chose to live with it, they know full well what they were getting into. I for now, choose not consider it.

There's of more to this. I find this world and age we live in absolutely depressing. High crime rates, poverty, pollution, war, shrub-like politicians, racism, et cetera. I do not want to bring to this world a precious life that will have to face all that in his/her life. I do not want to have to worry and be stressed out about him/her, when I can barely find direction of my own. I feel it would be unfair to him/her to bring him/her into this God-forsaken world (I think this sentence will create uneasiness. I mean no malice to any religion).

Older and wiser people tell me that I would be lonely without children and a marriage may grow stale without children to provide synergy. Well, I'm quite sure my future partner and I would have to discuss this at length. But heh, that's a long, long way from now. So no need to worry about it, yet. :P I'm also cynical about marriage, but I shall leave that to another day.


At August 19, 2004 12:32 pm, Blogger n1kki said...

You know what? I feel the same way... People look at me weird when I tell them I don't like kids, but fact is I'm cool with people having kids and stuff, just that I don't feel that I could be entrusted with such a heavy responsibility... and yeah, it's a screwed up world too.

And about older people telling me that I'd be lonely and things like that, well, I get that a lot, but then, I guess it has not gotten to that point yet..

Concerning marriage, well, I don't believe in it, not at the moment, not yet... nothing has convinced me thus far that it's worth the leap..

At August 19, 2004 6:46 pm, Blogger Resurrected said...

Yay! Someone that sees my reasoning at last :)

But its perplexing though, because I do want to believe in the "happy ever after" (with or without the kids) thing even with all my cynicism.


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