Saturday, October 02, 2004

I Am Back

I can't stand being treated with such disrespect, especially by someone that's so close to me. One would think that friendship and respect is reciprocal. I guess I'm quite alone on this matter when it comes to this particular friend of mine. There's a such a thing called open communication channel with me, which this friend is fully aware of. She is also fully aware that I'm a stickler for open forum, no matter how difficult the issues may be. So it is very disappointing that common courtesy is no longer applicable here. And it's disturbing that she can't seem to tell me what's bugging her. I know she has no obligation to tell me. But obviously it has something to do with me, and I want to know. Instead, she avoids me. Nope, not the outright avoidance kind of actions. But subtle yet very obvious to a person that's quite observant of human behaviour. It is sad how a great friendship can turn this way.

Ah well. Let it be. I've got better things to do than mend things that seems to matter to one side of the partnership. Too bad for her.

Anyway, my GMAT score was well, above average. But I'm not satisfied with it. I know I can do a whole lot better. It is obvious to me I screwed up the quantitative part, as I didn't finish it. It's very suprising as I usually finish way ahead of time. I made some miscalculations in time management. I think I may have to resit. I did ok for the verbal section and I think my analytical writing part pose no worries. So it depends on what the colleges say about my scores, I gotta get some counselling on my chances before I decide on a re-sit. TOEFL was no biggie, no worries about it at all.


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