Friday, March 18, 2005

My Sanctuary (?)

AMCORP Mall is a relatively small-sized shopping mall, conveniently located across a LRT station and also the down-memory-lane A&W drive through in PJ. AMCORP is just located off the Federal Highway. It is also the place I run to, sometimes to escape the afternoon heat, sometimes for a change from the usual lunch haunts. It is also the easiest place to arrange for lunch with friends nearby on working days….everyone knows where AMCORP is. And parking is easy in the evenings.

On some evenings, I would just go to the cineplex in AMCORP, for hassle-free movie watching. It doesn’t have state of the art sound system or well arranged seats, but I get to watch what I want without the crowd. I need not rush as it is just a short drive away from office. I need not worry about long queues. Of course I won’t get many choices, but if I’m specific enough about what I want to watch, this is the place to go to.

There are second magazine and books stores there. I found a number of gems there.

As for food, there’s the usual McDonald’s, Kenny Rogers and Starbucks. I usually take my meals at Seri Melaka, or if I want it quick, I go for Kryros Kebab. There’s a decent Korean eatery on the top floor and assortment of other restaurants (Japanese, typical Chinese,etc). The Mexican bun (rotiboy) on the ground floor is one of the better ones around.

On weekends, the place comes alive with its bazaar. You can find all sorts of things being peddled from comics (some archived in CDs!), old records to books, custom jewellery, and loads of other interesting stuff. The other day I saw pet lizards being sold. And I bought a whole collection of Dilbert and Calvin & Hobbes daily strip a few weeks ago, but being the procrastinator that I am, I haven’t started reading it :P

I’m going to miss this place.


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