Friday, September 09, 2005

Disjointed Filler

Misunderstood very much so
Till now it will be so
What you thought you saw
Unreal it defitinely was

Choosing not to respond
Saved my boundless energy
When you thought you pushed me down
I was up and running right before that

How wrong can you be
Having professed devotion
Tragic it may be
But I already knew it was not to be
My error was not to make it known

A blessed person, a life of gifts
People around may not comprehend
I am real, and I prefer realism
But unfettered ambitions I do have

My dreams do not include upward moves
Or gliding across mountains and seas
My dreams are of the world
And on my shoulders I carry
Hopes of betterment not just for me
My ideals remain, realism feeds the ideals

Normal transmission will resume shortly. Resurrected hopes to be back this weekend with tales from the Sonoran desert. This is a test transmission to let you know I am well and alive :)


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