Saturday, October 01, 2005

Words and The Ear

I realise that when I say "can't" out here, it may be mistaken for "cunt". For no one, so far,here on campus, pronounces it the way I do. Shucks. I will just say "cannot".

Reminds me of a debate, this particular team from a particular South East Asian nation was saying "The fact of the matter is" repeatedly" (debaters do this a lot, using repetitive phrases to jog their flow of thoughts). And there I was siting, dumbfounded and annoyed, asking my teammate, why are they saying "fuck" again and again. Even when I knew, I was still annoyed.

Yes the aggresive, bastardly Resurrected was not very nice. According to some people over dinner yesterday, he still isn't very nice. Apparently, in contrast to his (only) fellow Malaysian here. :P


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