Friday, November 04, 2005

Of Coke and Tequila

For once I decided to take up an invitation to head down to the pub for a drink. Cardinal rule broken : don't drink on a weekday. But for goodness sake it's a Thursday! We have no classes tomorrow!

I had a good night, it's always nice catching up with friends, making new acquaintances, and bitching :P The drinks help the flow of conversation. Of course some people were slurring after just a couple of drinks.

Resurrected has no such problems. He had one of his favorite tequila coke....that distinct childlike delight he gets...the first sip is like a bite on a succulent raisin...and then it hits you with the warmth of alcohol and a tinge of cinnamon sweetness. Ah, bliss. It was this ease on the throat that made tequila coke the ultimate reason why he had taken a nap on the roadside one fine night in Sydney a while a ago. It makes him complacent about pacing the drinks.


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