Thursday, July 06, 2006

I Am Back

It's not particularly exciting but when I think about it, it is rather surreal to be in another continent, another city for the summer. My plans have always been to do an internship in the US but somehow I ended here in London. Not that I am complaining. I've been here since 27th May, having landed here after spending a week at home.

End of School Term
The end of the 2nd trimester in grad school brings about the realization that the good times are coming to an end soon. At the end of this year, I would graduate and leave school, again. Spent a couple of weeks in Glendale before I decided to take off for a long weekend in Tuscon. I took a road trip there after managing to priceline a resort stay for half the price. Went with L and we also met up at a sushi place with a schoolmate who lives there. All in all it was a relaxing trip. Memorable especially when the waitress at the fondue restaurant thought L was out on her Mother's Day celebration for the evening away from screaming toddlers. :D We made use of the pool and whirlpool in the resort, plus the room was comfy. Oh and we visited the largest second hand bookstore in Arizona. Also went to an old mission in an Indian reservations. It was a laidback city, with an airbase and a university providing the impetus for the growth there. Also, we went to a Malaysian restaurant, probably the only one is the state of Arizona. We had roticanai, nasi lemak, chilli crab and fried calamari. It was ok but overpriced I think.

And then it was packing and stowing things away into storage as I prepare myself for a 30 hours journey to KL. It's amazing how I came to campus with a backpack and a large luggage and now I think i doubled if not tripled my personal belongings on campus. L was a great help with the packing up and we used her car and a rental car to move things in just one trip. Monica and Annie sent me off to the shuttle van. As we left campus, a sandstorm brewed outside. I was getting worried that we might get blown off the ramps as we reached the airport. Ah Arizona. You hate it, you love it.

On another note, the exam schedule was horrible. 2 papers for 2 days and, 5 papers over 4 days. But I managed to get through and I am quite happy with the results. I will be taking a full load next trimester even thought that would be 3 credits over my required graduation credits. Might as well take the opportunity to learn as much as I can. Which reminds me, I should email a professor about a part time job as a teaching assistant for accounting. It should be easy enough for me I think.

The humidity in Malaysia is one thing I took for granted. Now flying in from a dry place, it was a tad uncomfortable. But I quickly adjusted. Didn't do much at home, just chilling and relaxing, and getting ready for my internship. Shopped a little and caught some movies as well.

So here I am sitting at my desk in the office somewhere in London, pondering my next steps.


At July 06, 2006 8:42 am, Anonymous nyx said...

welcome back :)

At July 06, 2006 9:55 pm, Blogger iblogme said...

Glad to see you back.


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