Monday, January 01, 2007

The Year Ends, Again

I am struggling to string a paragraph or two together. It is amazing how wordy I cannot come up with anything substantial to say. I am sitting at a crossroad, as usual. And it is a waiting game really at the moment for the details to surface and for me to decide on my next course of action.

After 16 months of vacation time as a postgraduate student (yes the past few months have been a major struggle but still managable), I am now staring at my imminent return to the hustle and bustle of the corporate world, the real world as I would like to put it as sometimes. Did everything go as planned? Hell no. Did everything turn out fine? Probably, by normal standards. I guess I won`t get what I want immediately and I should choose what I think would take me there eventually.

Well, I think I feel better now after a bout of stuffed nose for the past few days. Especially after my 3 hours nap after some homemade soup and rice bowl by a nice neighbor (note to self, will change spelling once I am in KL). I will write again if I feel more reflective. Which is unlikely after having a meal in a Chinese restaurant for dinner.

Haha. So much for New Year's Eve. NYC here I come! (next week :P)


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