Sunday, August 19, 2007

Secrets and Knowing

He knows. She does not know that. Yet. If ever. The searing pain across the chest, with heart pounding as he read. Betrayal. It must be still etched in her mind, that man, whoever he is. The date may be 2 years before but why is it still kept. For posterity?
And the communication is still happening.

She knows. She knows she has to cut it off. But he is persistent. And yes, her heart pounds as she reads the messages. The smell of this man, she cannot forget. The flowers set her aglow. No she must not. It was in the past and the pain she still can remember. There is no such thing as returning to that path. Yet, the heart pounds.


At August 19, 2007 2:13 am, Blogger angel said...

She will never forget the betrayal. Even after more than 10 years... yup, it's been that long...


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