Sunday, July 15, 2007


He walks into a secured section of the building. The glare of white fluorescent dulls the colour of the air. Sound of an office, tapping iof keyboards, shuffles of paper, conversations, soft. He sat in a room overlooking the city. The evening moves along, little vehicles queing ant-like, weaving along the streets heading to sugar-heaven, or maybe a warm home or a night of debauchery. Each with their destination, their addiction which they do not know of.

The person he wanted to see walked in. But came along a petite lady too. In an oversized coat. And a party of people. He had no sense of her age, it was confusing. He could usually tell. Their eyes met. Locked for a split second. Thick rimmed glasses, straight brown hair to the shoulders. And the discussion was carried out. He tried engaging the room, at the same moment she listened attentively, with the sort of confident non-intrusive manner. It was comforting in a challenging situation.

He caught her name. But he never knew who she was. And may never know. Maybe.


At July 16, 2007 6:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

*grins* that was deep. way too deep for me. haruki-sh, almost


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