Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hot Rain

And so it rains, on a Saturday afternoon. Not running around on a Saturday is a bit peculiar to me, but I guess being stuck at home due to the car being in a workshop for the day isn't so bad. I actually spent time reorganising my wardrobe and came to the realisation that I have very little smart casuals and not enough work-out clothes. And I have too many t-shirts. It's good to know what you have.

I guess it's very easy to lose track of things, lose track of life as you hurtle across the great expanse of time. 4 more months to the man-made year end, and somehow things don't seem very different. The passage of time has been fast-tracked somewhat and I have no idea what has happened. The only things that give some indication are the archived emails and the appointments on the laptop. That is somehow rather sad, sometimes, as there is much to savour and remember in the time which we have spent. Time is really all we have.

Need to grab destiny by the scruff of the neck.


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