Saturday, July 19, 2008

House of Cards

You look around you and you think you see happiness. What is it that I seek? Sometimes I wonder if this mighty road less travelled is anything but a myth, nothing but an excuse for escaping from facing reality, from taking responsibility.

Yet, there’s inherent uncertainty. And I need to learn to do the right things, to have courage, and independence of heart and mind. Many stakeholders there are and these cloud judgment and blur principles. Temptations abound, testing wills and principles.

Another 22 weeks in the year and the path seems long, arduously mountainous. And when the foundation is weaker than what we see, what we perceive, what eyes looking in looking at believe, it is the classic house of cards waiting to tumble and crash like a million raindrops into a caged enclosed pail of misery.

Therein lays the conundrum. The price that one has to pay to make things right, to clean up the act is overwhelmingly large and painful. Not only to the one who has to do it, but all the stakeholders will have to bear the consequences, of a callous act which they know not of or choose not to acknowledge.

So do you have the courage to do the right things? And are you willing to pay the price?


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