Saturday, July 10, 2004

The Wall

It disturbs me greatly as I know the ICJ decision on that the wall Israel built in the West Bank is illegal and should be demolished, will be conveniently ignored by Israel and its loyal ally. The court said the barrier violated international humanitarian law, but the problem is it is a non-binding opinion/decision. This is in addition to the resolution of the UN General Assembly October last year on this issue. Shows how toothless world justice and law & order is. However the Israeli high court did rule that the wall should be re-routed as it infringes on the Palestinians' freedon of movement. But it seems the government is bent on continuing with the construction

Israel's reason for building this wall that is planned to traverse 600 kilometres is to prevent "Palestinian terror". I can't help but shake my head and laugh. A mighty nation like Israel can't deal with pockets of suicide bomb attacks? Perhaps she should examine what's the reason for the attacks. For fun perhaps? Or the Palestinians just love blowing themselves up?

This conflict has gone on long enough. History will show the various wrongs perpetuated by the Israeli regime. At the same time, it cannot be denied that there is blood on both hands, the Palestinians' use of violence and terror in the past still haunts the peace process.

I won't judge who is right or wrong although I do have a strong opinion on that. What irks me is the inability of people to get some sense into their heads and stop this conflict already. Its getting sickening and tiring to see old fogeys and young turks alike not being able to see that they must give peace a chance. And yes there will be sacrifices or concessions that have to be given by both parties. But in my humble opinion, life must go on, and peace will help us get there.


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