Friday, August 13, 2004

Resurrected's Search

Application to Date Resurrected


Age : 21-35
Height : 1.45-1.85 m
Gender : Female
Status : Single/Divorcee/Widow
Married women and those in relationship need not apply
Breast Size : Resurrected would be glad if she has breasts,
regardless of size
Education : At least Bachelors Degree
Notes : 1. No children
2. Low maintenance : emotionally & financially
3. Reads the newspaper daily, at least (comic section/TV
guide does not count)
4. Not a Manchester United supporter
5. Understands football
6. Speaks English
7. Speaks (no, fair opportunity rule does not apply here)
8. Pays her share of expenses
9. Drivers of BMW will have a better chance
10. Can be contacted all day and night, if needed
11. Can cook and can teach Resurrected how to cook
12. Excellent at acts leading to copulation and
copulation itself
13. Will dump Resurrected in 3 months, after having lots
of fun

Please leave your contact details on the Tag Board or Comments if interested.

Thank you.


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