Monday, January 03, 2005

Very Random Thoughts

Slow and steady wins the race. But then again, if it's a race, wouldn't speed count? Unless it isn't really a race.

Do opposites necessarily attract? Or is it cause for conflict? I seriously don't know, because it has happened both ways before.

I forgot to zip up twice today. I must be losing my mind.

I heard my colleague call out my name. But she didn't apparently. I most definitely am losing my mind.

I can't lose my mind, I still have plenty to do. I can lose my mind come Sunday, when I'm not working. Come to think of it, I don't wanna lose my mind.

It's time I take charge, really, of the direction I'm heading in one
particularly area. I have a tendency to be lackadaisical in this
particular aspect of my life. I fear the fallout. I fear unguided
missiles. I hate not being in control. So I should really take charge, be patient and be consistent. Take charge I shall. Wish me luck!

Obviously you have no idea what I'm writing about. Don't worry, sometimes I don't either. Do I like to write? Yes, I do. But I've been writing on email and word processors. Not with ink and paper and hand. Hmm, I did once this year, but I wasn't my prolific self :P, I typed it out and printed it and wrote it again (with some amendments). I do miss the time when I actually corresponded with people via snail mail. All this happened even when I was a Net-addict. Now all this has been replaced by email. I guess I wouldn't really have time to write a letter, but perhaps I can start with a short note. When was the last time you wrote a letter and mailed it with the stamp and all?

Oh wait, I miscued. I was writing about writing thoughts and ideas and stories, not personal letters. Yikes. I lost my train of thought somehow. I'm losing focus. Yes, I like to write those too. I'm weaker at writing fiction. Tried to fix that but somehow it got too factual after a while. It's not like I lack imagination. I think i have a pretty good sense of imagination, perversion aside. I should try again.

Am I a wannabe-poet? Not really but somehow I think poetry helps me
express the abstract, the emotions. I noticed my so-called poems are all melancholic in nature. I shall write one when I'm happy or thrilled to bits.

I think I need to exercise more. I think it's related to my lack of focus.

Alright, back to work.


At January 03, 2005 10:21 pm, Blogger Kamigoroshi said...

Yeah...opposites do attract. Just has to be the perfect opposites that last forever thats all.

At January 04, 2005 8:42 pm, Blogger iblogme said...

Don't worry. It's common to lose one's mind at the start of the week (especially if it happens to be ALSO the beginning of the month). You are quite the tenacious one for having held on until Tuesday. *grins*

At January 05, 2005 12:22 am, Blogger Resurrected said...

Kamigoroshi : not necessarily so. i think the foundation/core values gotta be in-sync

iblogme : urgh. it's crazy in the office. but i'm surviving. hope u r doing better than me.


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