Sunday, March 27, 2005

Another Side of Me

"The first time I'm reading what you wrote on your blog brings me to another side of you I never realised."

I guess there are many side to a person depending on what role he/she is playing. Sometimes you have to be more stoic than usual. Sometimes you use your laughter to mask the fear and pain. Sometimes you cannot let the words whirling in your head get out through you mouth.

This friend in particular perhaps never had the privilege to see me at the deepest moments of reflection. But I think my dear, if you read on in the archives, you'll find things you think ought to be me. Like when I speak of serious external issues. It still is the familiar old Resurrected that you know since seven years ago.

Which brings to the question : Why do I blog? It started out as a journey of self-expression. It still is. This is not an anonymous blog and I think most readers are people who know me (perhaps less so nowadays).

I do wonder if the many roles I play outside of this blog are really far different from the person one sees here. Perhaps I'm less restrained here. Perhaps I'm more expressive here when it comes to certain matters.

But I think in principle, Resurrected is the same here and out there.


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