Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Trio

Slightly Ajar

Narrow stream of light
Escaping through the gap
The door slightly ajar
Why don’t you take a peek?

Trust me it won’t cause fright
All it needs is a gentle tap
And the door will open wide and far
Isn’t this what you seek?

What’s inside that gives light?
Come inside and take a look
The promise is of joy and adventure
Take my hand and up we go

Take a gamble for there is only once
When the door is slightly ajar


You wonder if you are deserving
I tell you you are without even trying
You whisper into my ears
You fear so much, but hear my prayers

Clearly you do not believe
Clearly you think this is pain
But really just look at yourself
The pain is yours not mine

Your destiny is yours
I play no part in it


Bitter taste to swallow
Imagination running wild
Intuition seldom wrong

A promise that was blooming
Now out of sight and mind
Deliberate it must be

Leaving much space unclaimed
Space reserved only for you
Remnants of a false dawn

So much is unexplained
The silence is unappreciated
Where is your honesty?


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