Friday, April 29, 2005


It was a good suprise when you walked into my life. I think you don't know this, but you were pivotal in sending in some sunshine into my life. I was in the midst of climbing back up, getting on my two feet after a big fall. You made the walking easier.

Did you know you were my hero? At some point you were. The kind gentle words, yet firm. The positive optimism that is ever so infectious. And till today I'm grateful as to how fate brought us together. I don't know what I did but I know deep down you are a blessing.

That period of time we spent with sharing and encouraging each other just made it a lot easier. You assured me in my most challenging period in that process of walking again. For a while, I thought I could fly *grins*.

I think we still don't know each other well. I think some doors are shut, on both sides. We can't help but being cautious. We are both very private individuals. But sometimes I wish we could just throw caution into the wind. I guess that wish is probably childlike and not mutual.

It seems now like a distant past. Was it me who felt it or did we really drift apart for a while? But I trust that you have your reasons, and I trust your reasons. And I hope there are things that I can do for you. Not knowing what I can do for you pains me. I guess you are strong and focused and probably do not need me for anything. However, my concern is genuine and my friendship has no ulterior motives.

I am at another crossroad. And I wish you are here. But that's selfish of me.

All I want to say is thank you, if it isn't too late. Thank you.


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