Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Was talking to someone before lunch about how to get to this particular place. And I noticed something. I can't seem to leave stones unturned. Even though a decision has been made, that is I should not go to that place on my own. And the decision is a good one, logical. On another note, must get better roadmaps.

The point is, I think as much as I deny it, I'm quite high strung. The difference is of course my laziness cause me to be laidback as well, tempering that high stress Type A personality. And the amazing thing I do, which I think is actually unhealthy, is how I box my reactions into little boxes and store them away. Which may be linked to my laziness. I must have spent a lot of energy putting things into nice little boxes and storing 'em away. Hence, my laziness, because I have not much energy left.

Amateur psychoanalysis :P


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