Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I walked around too much today. I think I walked a grand total of 2 hours. I think so. I walk back and forth to the car which is like 15-20 minutes away. Once because I left something. The second time was to go out for lunch. Then there is the time I walked to college from the car in the morning. And also walking around the mall at lunchtime. See, I walked too much for the day. That is why I feel tired, and possibly sleepy as well. Too bad I can't sleep in the library. I can't sleep in public places. Which is why I'm at the library, not at home. So that I won't be tempted to sleep the day away.

I used to walk all over campus. And boy, that campus was big. Then I got a car, but I still needed to walk a bit because the carparks are not in the centre of the campus. Part of their traffic control thing. Anyway, now I think I know the reason why I was always not paying attention in class. It was all the walking.

Yup, blame walking too much for every malady I have :P


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