Saturday, February 24, 2007

This Phase

The latte/mocha/caffeine induced energy spurt after lunch, the early morning of checking for news, the drive to work interspersed with balancing a quick breakfast, the easy to consume lunch, the sitting back and staring at the screen wondering what can be done to synthesize the volume of information into usable, decision-making worthy tidbits, the numbers which tell different stories, the chuckle only he himself (and his colleagues if they read it) could understand just reading the numbers and words, the night drive amidst the city lights and low traffic on the streets and highways, the speed of which day turns into night.

A quick light bite, not even a dinner. He gets ready for bed. Eager for another day. Strangely, there is a big difference when it is something he enjoys doing. Sell his soul? Maybe not. But heart and mind definitely.


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