Tuesday, April 17, 2007

From This Morning

Having figured out that the Thinkpad actually has sound (I had nearly wanted to call IT to come take a look, in what could have been a real dumb blonde moment), I am having music in my ears occasionally as I step up into a higher gear this week due to the renewed demands for the team. Apparently, the buttons on the Thinkpad are not integrated with Windows, hence when the Windows volume controls show that it hasn’t been muted, it does not mean the actual speakers are not muted.

It was a long night yesterday and here I am in the office, arriving the same time as usual, around 8 a.m., scanning though news portals. And forwarded a particular news bite with the message, “What is he talking about?”. Was too polite to type wtfihta. Sometimes, when people think they are too smart, they say stupid things, they are easy to convince when you throw them some brilliant-sounding facts or purported strategies. Must remember never ever be like that. Will always rely on hard science and facts and figure as often, as constant as possible (not taking away intuition which a lot of the time is pure dumb luck, but even though having a ‘visionary’ mind helps, it also helps to be humble and not ignore danger signals plus be vigorous about learning).

And reading some analysts can send your heart rate up with their lazy analysis and out-of-date, out-of-depth insights. Hello! Wake up!


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