Sunday, April 08, 2007

Weekend roundup

It has been 2 months and I still have not built any bottom-up detailed valuation models. The closest thing would have been all the quick and dirty valuation (well it's not so quick but it is 'dirty') I've been doing. I was told to expect lots of number crunching but so far there hasn't been too much of that. I am not complaining about my job, I love it what I am doing. I am just wondering when I can get some real action :D

But I guess the current situation does not permit the team, especially in my sector to do anything crazy. Which is why I've been reduced to doing a DCF and a variety of models to evaluate vehicle purchases, for personal consumption only, to deal with my itchy fingers. My finance training can be such a pain sometimes though, making simple consumer decisions oh so complicated. :P But then again, I've been accused of being too spendthrift on many occasions, and prone to impulse, instant gratification purchases.

For now, I would just sharpen my tools by reading up on my training module from last fall and also this fantastic book I bought on valuation.

And oh yeah, the conclusion is, buy a used brand name Japanese make to reduce the negative NPV effect (total and annualized). Other methods I devised (with no academic and professional backing mind you, this is for fun) showed the same results with varying degree of negative impact minimization.

Turned down an F1 ticket. Apparently I missed a good race. Oh well.

I am seldom intimidated by individuals. Even if I get slightly flustered, I jump onto the learning curve and deal with it quickly. But this time, I feel intimidated and it still hasn't gone away.

As for the next few months, I need to take up Mandarin classes with a private tutor, to get some semblance of Business Mandarin into my vocabulary.

Time to call it a weekend, and get back to action tomorrow morning :D


At April 09, 2007 1:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dorko! Stop working!

At April 09, 2007 2:04 pm, Blogger Resurrected said...

:P I choose to work. You know very well I can be lazy.

Back in CO for Easter?


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