Monday, April 09, 2007

Beautiful Monday

Malaysians can be such lazy asses. Why on earth do the cross the road, ambling along slowly when traffic is moving when there is a pedestrian crossing, with functioning traffic lights just barely 50 metres away? Even if it a 100 or 200 metres away, it is not far! Instead, they choose to cross slowly, mind you, slowly when vehicles are moving. It’s like driving through an obstacle course, which is not really a good thing when one is trying to psyche the mind into top gear for the week.

And look, if you call in sick when we are extending certain duties, it is very easy to be suspicious of your intentions, especially when you have shown yourself to be not being able to do your part in the recent past. Please stop being irresponsible! And it is not even a challenging task! When you do this often, not tying up loose ends and not arranging things to be in place in your absence and pretending not to ignore certain facts about your share of the duties, is anyone going to believe you? You are so lucky you are not in our team or else we’ll mince (not chew, we allow only quality stuff into our mouths) you alive and spit you out into the septic tank.

I can’t find my thumb drive.

Hmm, I kinda like my latest impulse buy even though I don’t get half of it.

Other than that, have a great week ahead! Monday is beautiful!


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