Friday, April 06, 2007

One Random Call

Walked into the quiet office. I guess it has been a long week for everyone. I placed the files and bags. Checked a few emails, shutdown and I left. It is the Easter weekend. And I decided to try my luck. Dialled a number which I haven't dialled for years. A familiar voice and stupid jokes. Haha. I can't believe you are learning to cut up brains Mart. And I can't believe you thought I decided to disappear. I just went away for a while, nothing dramatic.

Funny how some friendship don't change even with time. The same old comfort, knowing you can be candid and straightforward with each other. Mart and I went back a long way. We were in the same school for many years but our friendship began less than 3 years before high school ended.

When we were supposed to build a terrarium as our school project, we, two strangers from the same school decided one fine afternoon to go to town to look for small sized aquariums. Our efforts failed to yield anything and I used something totally different in the end (that's another story). Well, we were aware of each other's existence but never bothered to get to know each other. Both were snobs. :P Big time snobs, especially he. But through the last 2 years of school, he was someone I could count on and someone who could stand my crazy erratic self (and I could stand his snobbish, rude, arrogant self). If I do something stupid, he would tell me so. Vice versa.

From running a virtual dictatorship (more like the invisible 'hands') in school to organizing brainwashing leadership camps (all for a good cause, trust me), representing the schools in various events, to running the magazine (haha, reason to skip class) and debating as a team. Well, I think many times he did things just because I asked him to. Like, how I dragged him along the debating world when our school did not have a tradition and support system for it. He reluctantly went along but boy did we kick ass. We had to take buses to places we didn't know, have people ask us where we were from as they never heard of us (and some blatantly looked down on us), packed into a little Kancil as a kind soul offered to take us to our venues (yes I did not forget, thanks Kev's sister :D), debating when we were never trained to, stumbled a few times (embarrasingly) but we suprised everyone including ourselves.

We drifted apart, I went for my undergraduate away from home while he eventually went overseas.

The last time we met was at a funeral of a friend's mother. My my time flies. Maybe I should just dial more numbers stored in my cellphone.


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