Monday, March 31, 2008


Making this a fast one. So it's gonna be all over the place. The 1Q has ended and things are great, as usual. But I know better. It's close to a disaster, if I am to put some of my own measures into what it could have been. I know I am not at my best, not at my hungriest. Damn, not even hungry. Just ambling along, doing my thing (which has been pretty decent I might add) and taking things as they come (which is a good thing, really. I take punches really well nowadays).

I have not grabbed things by the scruff of the neck. Have not been making hard calls. Have allowed boredom to seep in. Yes I am still doing well, and am still passionate about getting things right, getting the best. But somehow I have let situations go. Have not been determined enough to take charge of situations. There's a frightening (small) amount of apathy and cynicism coming to the fore, mainly caused by perceived inability to change things due to more powerful forces. But no, I have to be foolish enough to do things right, to do things which are excellent, to perform my duties to my best possible ability.

1 more Q to the FYE. 3 more Qs to the CYE. Must get hungry, get foolish.

In other news, end of 1Q08 marks the end of my bond.


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