Saturday, May 17, 2008

Phase 3 after next Wednesday

Sometimes I wonder why I am so indisciplined at the personal level. Did I use up all my energy and focus on work? Let's see, this round of exam was supposed to be my most prepared one. But intentions has remained intentions, and it is now only a few days away (Wednesday).

I need airconditioning. I think I need to at least remove this paltry excuse.

On the same note, I would have to prepare better for the final paper in November. I'll enrol in classes early August. That should at least force me to get in the mood once a week till November. And force me to prepare because it's going to be a case study.

Work-wise, things are chugging along fine and dandy. Am comfortable, which is always a bad sign because it will bring along restlessness. Will be perfectly honest with what I expect this time around, and have typed it out in the form. My ambitions shall no longer be hidden, if it's not obvious already.

On the same note, I hope the numbers are 'round' enough. Will know in less than 2 months.


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