Saturday, July 19, 2008

Random Travel Journal

Switching off the Zen halfway through When Harry Met Sally. As the 737 with colourful seats in economy descents upon the runway, one could see bright lights of traffic streaming across the dark flat expanse with dots of lights, probably of dwellings.

Was greeted yesterday night by a massive jam though. First impressions: road dominated by Toyota, long queues at Pertamina's dark dingy gas station but none at the Shelll, lots of road side stalls selling food, familiar brands like Giant, Fitness First, etc. The dinner was flavourful though I barely had appetite. But I did try the infamous apokat juice,avocado juice with chocolate sauce. Sinful and creamy. Thick green drink which is probably just avocado oil coursing through the thick plastic straw.

The hotel security is tight. With the MPV being scanned before entering the hotel while we had to go through a metal detector to enter the lobby.

Woke up early and could see that it was already bright and sunny. A vibrant city this is. As morning went by, traffic grew. Energy is abound here. People exercising across the street in a field, in the background of gleaming glass towers bouncing off the orange-like morning sun.

Am travelling on pothole ridden backroads to the office. And the day begins in earnest.


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