Saturday, May 30, 2009

He walks the highstreet, lost in his thoughts, not paying attention to happiness peddled as wares money can buy, on display. Signs of success. Signs of wealth. Signs of good taste. Whatever it may be. Yes, he does enjoy indulging in the finer things in life but not to that extent. Guilt rages sometimes.

Two worlds colliding. A man from a very different start hurtled into impending 'success' in a world different from his. And the insecurities crept in. The burning ambition to move on and the solid confidence still displayed but he knows it's not an even playing field. He knows he is being judged and questions are asked of him. He knows it's a constant uphill battle. And he too constantly ask what 'success' actually is. Could it be a trap?

He is proud of who he is. He knows his shortcomings and he knows it's a long road ahead. He is thankful for all whom have touched his life and brought him wisdom. Remember, a class act is one who treats people well and with respect, a wise woman told him, money can't buy you class. Those words he brings with him. But he knows he hasn't been a class act all the time. And he needs to fix that.

He is afraid of falling. And letting the two worlds collide. Sure, all will be nice and rosy initially. But realities, stark realities may set in and cause untold turmoil. Can he offer what the other world wants? Or perhaps a brand new story would be woven?

Does he or does he not?

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.


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