Sunday, May 10, 2009


She sat at the left hand side corner, a discreet corner at the end of the restaurant, reading the latest Vogue, waiting. He was slightly late, as he took his chances to get a spot near the restaurant. And he gave up, deciding to park at the usual well-lit shopping arcade carpark. "Oh she's here" as he passed her car in the carpark.

"I like the latest free magazines here but the other branch has more magazines =)," she says. Knowing full well that would elicit rolling eyes from him.

"Is the breakfast set any good?"

"Not really but I couldn't think of anything else. Plus, if you add the orange juice and coffee, it's already 21 bucks. So at 28 bucks, it's value for money" As if on a cue, he rolled his eyes again.

"Oh it still comes with mushrooms!"

"Here you go, Little Miss Sunshine. As I promised. Only 1 left"

"Oh! Do people collect these" "Hmm is this the actual one you really wanted to get me," gesturing at Little Miss Stubborn.

The conversation flowed as usual. And the topic we avoided for the first 30 minutes came up.

"I haven't decided"

"Decide based on facts, since you now have 2 opinions"

"I think I should get a 3rd opinion. Tiebreaker"

"Like some reality TV show?"

"2nd opinion says why put your body through that if it's not necessary. 1st opinion says you would need to do it eventually"

"Get a third opinion then"

"I need a break"

"Not this way!"

"I have so many DVDs and chocolates and now a book and DVDs from you!"

"Please don't decide based on that!"

"Why do guys want girls to go for Brazilian? A friend who was getting married wanted to do that and I was like, shouldn't he accept the way you are? Perhaps it's more hygienic"

"Well, he would have known how she was like anyway."

"Are you assuming everyone has done it before their wedding?"

He was caught offguard, flustered. She must have noticed.

"I know some who did not. Anyway, it's more for vanity. I assume it's from the fact that people wanted to wear bikinis in Rio" he said

"Yeah but wouldn't it be better all natural"

"I think this conversation should stop" He may have stumbled upon a prude.

Two presumed competitor turned friends. He thinks she should not do it. He hope she does not, and she should just monitor the situation every few months.

He walked her to the threading salon. As usual, she's going to force her way even though they said they were busy. They spoke about men and manicure, how he loves the sun and she hates. He reminded her to use facts. And they parted ways for the day.

He hopes to see her very soon, and not her clad in a hospital gown.


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