Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Love Rainy Mornings...But Only In Bed

Dum dum di dum dum. Lala la lala.

Rainy mornings are good. Except for the fact I knocked down a bicycle
while getting out of the house :P That sure pissed me off big time. And I
think my previous post is missing, don't see it at all.

But I'm calm now. Calm.

Yet, I don't feel like doing anything productive. Then again, who says my
work is productive in the first place. Whose life is improved by the work
I do? Who is happier because of my contribution at work? Who gets
motivated to improve their lot by the work I do?

Questions, questions, questions.

I need answers.

I need a good book, a nice bed and a cup of hot coffee. But I'm sitting in
a semi-cubicle under bright lights, at a plain grey table. I should be in
bed. Or maybe not, maybe I should be sitting on that under-utilised
exercise thing. Or take a walk in the park with the rain/drizzle and wet
jogging tracks. Or take a drive up to Ipoh and enjoy the cool weather in
peace. Not here, really.


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