Thursday, July 15, 2004

Midweek and counting down

It has been just two days of meeting people, old and new. On Tuesday evening, met up with Isaac and caught up with news from the La Salle Centre and Formation Team. Also met up with Eric and Jerald plus Navin the same evening. It was nice to meet old faces, and catching up. Especially when they are from an important phase of my life. However, I didn't get to join them when they met up with other people later as I had to return to the office. Anyhow, it was great to see you guys :)

Yesterday, I spent the whole afternoon and evening in a gathering for Yayasan Sime Darby (YSD) scholars, all serving our contracts in the Sime Darby Group. It was an opportunity for us to air our grievances and clarify matters.

From the responses in a survey carried prior to this gathering, it was apparent that there is a substantial number of people feeling unhappy about the way their careers have been progressing (or not progressing) within the Group and disastisfied with the lack of a support system for them.

We had an introduction session on YSD, where statistics were given to us, such as there are 114 of us in the Group now, yadda, yadda, yadda. Then we were broken up into 4 groups to discuss issues concerning the scholars. I was in the group discussion if YSD scholars should be given special treatment. Our group was a bit different as we were required to break up further into 2 sub groups, and take opposing views, culminating in a debate. 3 persons from each side debated. The other 3 groups were required
to present pros and cons on their respective topics.

It was fun to debate again after a hiatus of nearly 4 years, in a relaxed environment. Ayaz, on the opposing team was really good and I enjoyed listening to his speech. I had 2 really intelligent teammates as well. And the group discussion was lively, where we shared our experiences working in Sime.

We then had a dialogue session with our Group CEO, Dato' Zubir, who incidentally used to be the Managing Director at my current workplace. It was good that he is taking an interest in our progress and taking steps to monitor and chart our progress careerwise. I hope things will get better for all of us. As one Natasha puts it, some of us are rotting. I do empathise with that statement. Many of us can do so much more, add so much more value than what we are doing now.

If we are going to be bonded, it should be partnership. And in a
partnership, both parties must communicate and work things out together. I believe most of us do our part, by being really committed to our jobs. And like any partnership, we expect some form of feedback and channel. What's the point of having the bond if we don't manage it?

Bowling was cancelled as we were running late. Dinner was ok. It was by the poolside. Barbequed stuff. There was a karaoke competition, and Nadiah won. She sang a Sheila Majid song. Was it Antara Anyir dan Jakarta? Albert gave a rendition of Starry, Starry Night. It was nice to meet new people and old faces alike.

Work is getting crazier. I have just being asked to look at a dormant company's accounts in Singapore. And I hate being dumped things like this. This is not the first time I'm being dumped with really dead things, that adds no value to the company and my career. It is just because no one wants to do it because you can't score points with it. Bullies! Its not even in my job specs when I first took this new posting. No one can blame me if I just pack up and leave, regardless of what bright potential management thinks I have. I don't care, I'll take off earlier than usual today. Better to go browse in a bookstore or catch a movie than sitting around here.


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