Saturday, January 22, 2005

Some Things Don't Change

I'm a bit upset at myself. Well, one thing is for sure I wasted the whole Friday, becaus I was too tired. I slept a lot. Aftermath of many many late nights at work.

What I thought would be a calm Thursday night for me to write my essays and rest early, was far from what I had imagined. Got calls from auditors pointing out errors in our printed notes. And I was all alone in the office. Some of the errors were human oversight, so I could correct them on my colleagues behalf. Some errors were technical, and I had to make frantic calls to Germany. It was darn tiring multi-tasking from 3 locations : my workstation, fax/photocopying room and another workstation (the only workstation that can make international calls).

I did eventually manage to correct the situation. But then the fax machine refused to cooperate! After 20 minutes of trying, I gave up. I drove to the auditors' office to drop off the freshly printed corrected reports. It was close to midnight when I got home, far from my initial plans of shopping at 1U and Ikano's Popular and essays and early shut eye.

And to think that I was doing things that weren't mind. Ah well, I just didn't want any delays to the audit. And I didn't want the auditors to suffer.

So I am not that upset really. I did what I would normally do. Same old me. Like a wise person told me, plans can change. I just gotta buck up this weekend and catch up with my essays and studying.


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