Friday, May 13, 2005

A Bowl of Sweetness

Laziness re-defined. I had chicken rice for the fourth day in a row. Must stop this insanity :P I am just too lazy to think and it is the nearest shop with decent lunch.

I am a purist. My bowl of 'tau foo fah' must be piping hot, which is strange because I don't usually have much patience for hot drinks. There is a certain childish delight derived from enjoying a hot bowl of beancurd dessert with a dollop of sugary sweet syrup by the road side in a busy enclave of this metropolis. The noise and pollution ignored, as I savour the sweet delight of a traditional delicacy (if you can deem it as that), which is still fondly craved for and not forgotten in the numbness of our march forward with time.

As I watched people buying from the old couple who run the stall, I realised the multitude and variety of people who stop by, different yet they have the affection for the same bowl I am having. Perhaps there is a lesson somewhere in this.


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