Sunday, May 08, 2005

Recollection Series

Memories are tresured because they shape us. Who we are today is a collective piece of art from past experience, and new hopes and visions. Some memories are painful, but hurt and pain is a form of learning curve. Experience makes us stronger, I guess it is true that what can't kill us only makes us stronger. Some memories remind us that there is always hope, that behind the ugly, there is much beauty. Silver lining in the dark clouds. These memories help clear the haze of dark moments.

These recollections are about people, who walked in and out, leaving imprints in the mindscape, and maybe even the heart.

These are my recollections :

Blood Red Top
It Doesn't Mean I Did Not Love
Being Transparent
Reluctant Heartbreaker
Lucky Charm
Land Line
Of Regrets
A Soft Heart
The Temptress
A Triangle
Old Sunshine
Red Scooter Rider
4th Level
Car Park

Note : The story in yesterday's post and its related post are fictional. Only the emotions it wants to potray are real. As for the Recollection Series, some are true accounts and some are semi-fictional. Again, the emotions they convey are real. Of course, it is open to your imagination and interpretation, through your own feelings and thoughts.


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