Friday, May 06, 2005

Of Defences and Time

My defences are down, I think.

On another note, no matter what I say or write, it won't make things easier for someone that's in bereavement. I guess I can only try to emphatise. It is very hard to deal with a loss.

And I should not be annoyed with how my beg and books are wet due to spillage from the bottle. It is only a slight problem. I should not let myself be agitated by me not bringing along my jacket even though I would be spending the day till late in an erractically air-conditioned building.

I snapped at people this morning, again. I have to learn controlled responses. I'm usually fine except for the first hour after waking up. Other temperamental times are rare. Yes, this is about taking things for granted. Must remind myself not to.

Time is precious.

My defences are indeed down. Take a leap?


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