Friday, May 20, 2005

On The Brink

Blessings come along when you least expect it too. :) I have decisions to make after next Thursday's exam. Out of the two choices available, one is already secure and financially viable. The other choice is at the moment not financially viable yet. Will be working on it very soon on the financial aspects. I'm more inclined to the 2nd choice because it seems to be much more value-added in terms of career growth. Plus it is at a place that is truly special, and some say mythical :P

I am also blessed to have wonderful friends that believe in me. Sometimes it is scary how these people have more confidence in me than I do myself. Perhaps it helps not to see things from the perspective of a constant inner struggle.

Speaking of struggles, I am so glad to have to you in my life. We are uncertain of what this might bring, but I'm truly grateful to have wonderful soul like you in my life. It seems a bit too easy, it seems all natural. It seems scary somehow. I am not ready to decide what this is all about, but we are happy. And it is exciting, even with all the fears. I will give my best to keep the optimism alive and the friendship thriving. I am on the brink of possibly a big adventure. And you are most welcomed to be part of my journey in search of where dreams are.

So yes, now I have to concentrate on my studies. Financial Strategy here I come!


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