Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Standing exactly 10,433 km from Kuala Lumpur (that's what the sign says) in a steel tower overlooking the city of Paris, thoughts that ran through my mind includes: why must my battery die now, should I come again for the night lights, should I buy a third battery, gosh why must it rain today, what should I have for dinner, gosh my feet hurts (walked from the Louvre to the Arc De Triomphe, in the rain).

And how lucky for someone from a humble background like me to be in Paris, exploring world famous sights and sounds. I am honestly not very excitable, it's just my nature. I am not easily impressed, and found Paris not particularly inspiring. The Louvre is a fantastic treasure throve, that I cannot deny. The Ile de Cite across the Seine is a beautiful place. Walking along Champ De Elysee towards the Arc De Triomphe gives plenty of pleasure, the rain and traffic not withstanding. Notre Dame and Basilica Sacre Couer gave much peace and calm. Gargoyles looking over the city of Paris, keeping it in its glory. However, there is something missing from Paris, it is too drab in some parts and I don't see myself living there even though it's a great city. There is a certain melancholy enveloping the city, or maybe it was just the weather. The gap between the haves and have nots is glaringly clear in Paris.

But I do realise what a long way I've come. As I stood overlooking the city, I thought of the immense sacrifices my parents have made for me. I thought of how they have never been this far, and a tinge of guilt came into play. Remorse even for they have been very generous with me and how they stinge on themselves. I have never thanked them for all their gifts, and looked back at how a spoilt brat I was, always wanting more.


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