Friday, April 06, 2007

Of Work

Someone asked me what my typical day is like, and what I like about it. Do I see myself being in this field for long? She was asking in the context of her research.

It would be very clichéd for me to say there is no typical day. But my days are intense here at work. Sometimes the hours are long. It ranges from 9 hours to 14 hours, depending on what’s happening. Sometimes I come in on weekends, scheduled (fixed duties due to certain transactions) and unscheduled (calls). The expectations are: quick to learn, numerically comfortable and accurate, able to link and see business issues, research and fact-based analysis and arguments, flexible (very flexible), don’t mind getting hands dirty doing really mind-numbing work sometimes.

Daily work includes: researching, putting things together in Powerpoints, financial analysis, valuation, analyzing softer issues, spend lots of time understanding what we are looking at, presentation, meetings with external parties, administrative stuff due to transactions, dealing with consultants, reading (yes, it’s kinda nice to get paid to read). The nice thing is we get lots of encouragement to learn and constantly improve.

Another person asked me how do I make it sound so exciting in a previous post. Erm, I have no idea. I just like it here. And I will keep going as long as I enjoy it.


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